Welcome to Cruxon Lifestyle, we are happy you stopped by.

Hi! My name is Anne Crutchfield and I am the owner of Cruxon Lifestyle.  I've been told you all might want to see the person behind the business.  Camera shy describes me very well and when I try to find good photos of me with my family for the site, I'm finding out just how talented I am at avoiding cameras.  I'll try to do better in the future.  Here is a recent photo of me in my natural environment.  

I’ve been recently asked why the name Cruxon?  Where did this name come from?  When I created the name for my company, I took a portion of my current family name Crutchfield and a portion of my father’s family name Dixon.  For me it is a made-up word paying tribute to the family I came from and the family I married into.

The Cruxon Lifestyle brand is meant to represent the women who are farmers, gardeners, artisans, and others who get their hands dirty doing what they love.  We're here to supply our customers with the clothing and tools to make their endeavor's comfortable and not needing to be masculine to be functional.